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  • Filter Housings

    Filter Housings
    Available in many sizes and styles and manufactured from durable materials with proven performance, including polypropyl... View Products
  • Filter Cartridges

    Filter Cartridges
    American Plumber filter cartridges offer solutions to a wide range of water quality concerns, including sediment, bad ta... View Products
  • Systems

    These systems deliver clear, clean, fresh-tasting water for drinking and cooking.... View Products
  • Water Softeners

    Water Softeners
    Based on decades of research and development and available in cabinet and two-tank styles for advanced, reliable softeni... View Products
  • Automatic Whole House Filters

    Automatic Whole House Filters
    Available in low-maintenance time-clock style and demand-style models and equipped with long-lasting, reliable softening... View Products
  • Accessories

    These accessories help to make installation and maintenance of American Plumber housings and system easy and trouble fre... View Products
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