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Filter Cartridges

American Plumber filter cartridges offer solutions to a wide range of water quality concerns, including sediment, bad taste & odor, chlorine taste & odor, and well water applications. Some also reduce lead, cysts, and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) which are hazardous to health.

Sediment Reduce Suspended Particles


Reduce Suspended Particles

American Plumber sediment cartridges are designed to filter fine sediment, such as sand, silt, rust, and scale particles from your water supply and help to extend the life of your household appliances.

Drinking Water Improve Taste & Odor and Reduce Contaminants

Drinking Water

Improve Taste & Odor and Reduce Contaminants

Our drinking water cartridges feature carbon to reduce chlorine taste & odor, bad taste & odor, VOCs, lead and cysts. Choose the cartridge that best fits your specific water conditions.

Specialty Multi-Purpose Cartridges for Specific Housings


Multi-Purpose Cartridges for Specific Housings

The DW-200-R cartridges is designed to retrofit the CUNO DW-200. The RWT-3 cartridge fits the Fulflo WT-6 Housing, and the RWC-5 fits the American Plumber Traditional and Slim Line Housings.

Heavy Duty For High Capacity Applications

Heavy Duty

For High Capacity Applications

Heavy duty cartridges are ideal for high volume applications, including whole house filtration needs.